Some books about Travellers which may be available through your local library: or direct from the organisation involved

Irish Travellers : Representations and Realities (2006)
Ó hAodha , Micheál

21 Summers: Memories and Photographs of 21 years (2003)
Navan Travellers Workshops

Towards Itinerant Settlement: Presented by St (1970)

Now and Then / Written by the Navan Traveller’s (1992)
Navan Travellers Heritage Teamwork

Travellers : Citizens of Ireland : Our Challenge (2000)
Murphy , Frank

Generating Options : A Study of Enterprise (1996)
O Brien , Bríd

Solidarity With Travellers : A Story Of Settled (2000)
Ó Riain , Seán

Travellers : Their Life and Times (N.D.)
Navan travellers Heritage Group

Market Economies : Trading in the Traveller (1998)
McCarthy , Deirdre

Are You Scheming? : A Guide for Traveller Groups (1993)
Dublin Travellers Education and Development Group

Social Housing Guidelines : Design Guidelines (1999)
Ireland , Department of Environment and Local

Pavee Point Strategic Plan : A Framework for 1995

Wrapped in the Mantle of God : The Faith of the (1992)
Teamworkers of Project ’92

Traveller Accommodation and the Law : Action for (1992)

Traveller Inclusion in the Mainstream Labour Force (1995)

Pavee Pictures / Photographed by Derek Speirs (1991)
Speirs , Derek

Travellers : Nomads of Ireland (1997)

Pavee Children : A Study on Childcare Issues for (1997)
Murray , Colette

Equality Proofing Administrative Procedures : A Traveller Resource Pack (1998)

A Case Study of Travellers Health and Accommodation (1994)
Fay , Ronnie

Primary Health Care for Travellers Project (1996)
Traveller Health Partnership

Recycling and the Irish Economy : Income, Jobs and (1993)

Roma, Gypsies, Travellers : East/West : Regional (1992)
Ní Shuinéar , Sinéad

Roma, Gypsies, Travellers of Europe (1998)

Travellers in Ireland : An Examination of

Irish National Co-Ordinating Committee for the

Parish Co-Ordinated Programme for First Communion (1994)

Do You Know Us at All?

D.T.E.D.G. File : Irish Travellers : New Analysis (1992)

The President Robinson Awards for the Design of (1993)

Reach Out : Report by the DTEDG on the Poverty 3 (1994)
O Connell , John

Traveller Market Traders Directory

A Heritage Ahead : Cultural Action and Travellers (1995)

Education and Travellers (1993)

Irish Tinkers / Photographed and Compiled by (1976)
Wiedel , Janine

Nan : The Life of an Irish Travelling Woman (1986)
Gmelch , Sharon , 1947

The Travelling People (1985)

Tinkers & Travellers (1975)
Gmelch , Sharon , 1947

To shorten the road: Traveller Folktales (1978)
Gmelch , George

People of the road: Irish Travellers (1997)
Oppersdoff , Mathias

Travellers & their Language (2002)
O’Baoill DP & Kirk , John M – Editor Queens University Belfast

Travellers in Ireland – Whose Country, Whose History? (1995)
McLaughlin , Jim

Irish Travellers (ISBN 1-904148-79-4 Liffey Press)
Hayes , Michael

Travellers in the Irish Prison System (2014)
Irish Penal Reform Trust

The Fight
Conn McGabhann , Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

A Travellers Home
Conn McGabhann , Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

We are Travellers
Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

Voices Unheard : A study of Irish Travellers in Prison
Irish Chaplaincy in Britain

Becoming Conspicuous – Irish Travellers Society & the State (2006)
Aoife Bhreatnach

Portraying Irish Travellers : Histories & Representations (2004)
Ciara Breathnach – Editor

Canting with Cauley : A glossary of Travellers – Cant or Gammon (2006)
William Cauley

Do you know us at all?
John Hyland Parish of the Travelling People (1993)

Irish Travellers
Pavee Point

A Heritage Ahead : Cultural Action & Travellers (1995)
Pavee Point

Irish Travellers: Racism and the Politics of Culture (2000)
J Helleiner University of Toronto

The Light Within: Images of Traveller Life & Culture (2000)
Parish of the Travelling People

Conflict and Conflict Resolution (2005)
Dr Sinead ni Shuinear Navan Travellers Workshops Ltd

Cant is Cool (2008)
Navan Travellers Workshops Ltd

Stand up Sit Down (2002)
Navan Travellers Workshops Ltd

Traveller Health a National Study 2002-2005

Our Geels Traveller Health Study (2010)
Pavee Point