Travellers Talking

Dr. Sinead ni Shuinear spent 2003-2005 talking to Travellers all over the country about their families, especially where they travel, the kinds of work they do, and which families they marry in with. We asked her if we could put their stories on our site, so she is asking everyone she talked to how they feel about the idea, and to look at what they said and change anything they like (nothing is going up until people are happy about sharing it, and nothing really personal is going up either). As more and more people say yes, we will be adding their stories too, so keep checking back.

We are delighted to be able to share these with you!

This research was made possible by a generous grant from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Willie and Elizabeth Ghillie Connors “Traveller Experience of Being a Jehovah Witness” View Here
  • Helen Marshall nee Hutchinson “Being reared by a grandfather who was ahead of his time” View Here
  • Geraldine Rattigan nee Collins “On how she met her husband” View Here
  • Elizabeth Quilligan “The differences between Traveller men and women” View Here
  • Kathleen Mongans “On who’s related to who” View Here
  • Brigid (O Driscoll) Williamson “The history of the Williamson name” View Here
  • Barney Golly Power “The origins of the Travelling people” View Here
  • Patricia Doyle “Traditional Traveller trades in her family” View Here
  • Brigid O Reilly “Forbidden Relationships” View Here
  • Mary O Sullivan “Cork Traveller Families” View Here
  • Jane Donoghue “The Difference of living with Settled People” View Here
  • John Carroll “The entertainers in his family” View Here
  • Derrel Dunne “The Difference in Traveller Language” View Here
  • Bernadette Fagin (Conroy) “Travellers and the Irish Language” View Here
  • Marie Hutchinson nee Reilly “Successful selling at Summer Fairs View Here