Prison Links Project

Prison Links Project

Cork Alliance Centre Conference 15th& 16thSept 2016 – Anne Hyland

Nell and Anne last week travelled down to cork to a conference called           narrowing the disconnect.

I asked Anne to tell me all about it, she said “ The first day of the conference was so inspiring, to hear the stories from the service users of the Cork Alliance and to hear the compassion in their stories to progress further by helping     others, was wonderful.”

Anne also said, “The staff from the Cork Alliance Centre really cared about the people they work with, and this came across to all in the venue, over both days. “

“One of the key messages that came across from the former   service users was that they had taken responsibility for their crime; had done their time, had since progressed on to education, desisted from any former          addictions and yet continue to be judged for potential employment simply by having a criminal record. The new Garda vetting system will wipe off some criminal records after 7 years. What they wished for was the employers would not judge them on their previous selves, but on the person they are     presented with and the person they have become.”

Leisa from MTEI Meath Traveller Employment Initiative uses the supportive method of gaining employment for Travellers this system might also work for x prisoners.

She liked the guest speaker president Michael D Higgins speech, he came across as genuinely understanding the conference subject, and explained that during his academic years he had explored criminality as a subject.

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